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    Maozhong Precision Hardware


    Dongguan Maozhong Precision Hardware Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Xintai Industrial (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. It was established in September 2014 and is located in the international High-precision hardware accessories of various styles. Turning and milling combined processing. All production and processing equipment and testing equipment in the factory are imported. Brands such as production equipment: Tonas, Tsugami, Star Japan Kosaka Roughness Meter, etc. Brands of quality inspection equipment such as: 3D (German Carl), Zeiss (optical + pin automatic); Japan Kosaka roundness meter, Japan Kosaka roughness meter; Switzerland measuring inner and outer diameter meter and Olympus high-power precision microscope; A batch of Japan's Mitutoyo inspection tools.


    All production equipment and testing equipment in the factory are imported. Brands such as production equipment: Citizen, Tsushang, Xingpai, etc. Testing equipment brands such as: Three-dimensional, German Carl, Zeiss (optical + touch pin automatic); Japan Kosaka roundness meter; Swiss inner and outer diameter measuring instrument and Olympus high-power precision microscope; Japan Mitutoyo inspection tool 1 Batch.


    Optical Lens Hardware

    Dongguan Maozhong Precision Hardware Co.,ltd, the branch of New Top Industry (H.K)Limited, was established in September 2014. Company is located in the famous Manufacturing cities -Dongguan, mainly produce various high precision hardware spare parts by CNC Lathe Machining . All production & testing equipments are imported. All production equipments are imported such as Citizen,Tsugami, Star., etc. All testing equipments are brands such as 3 Dimensional Measurement, German Carl Zeiss(Contact probe and optical probe),Japan kosaka Roundness measurement , Sweden Internal and external diameter instrument

    Automotive (Machine) Hardware

    Dongguan Maozhong Precision Hardware Co.,ltd, the branch of New Top Industry (H.K)Limited, was established in September 2014. Company is located in the famous Manufacturing cities -Dongguan, mainly produce various high precision hardware spare parts by CNC Lathe Machining . All production & testing equipments are imported. All production equipments are imported such as Citizen,Tsugami, Star., etc.

    Electronic Product Parts

    Dongguan Maozhong Precision Hardware Co.,ltd, the branch of New Top Industry (H.K)Limited, was established in September 2014. Company is located in the famous Manufacturing cities -Dongguan, mainly produce various high precision hardware spare parts by CNC Lathe Machining . All production & testing equipments are imported. All production equipments are imported such as Citizen,Tsugami, Star., etc.

    Medical Hardware

    Dongguan Maozhong Precision Hardware Co.,ltd, the branch of New Top Industry (H.K)Limited, was established in September 2014. Company is located in the famous Manufacturing cities -Dongguan, mainly produce various high precision hardware spare parts by CNC Lathe Machining . All production & testing equipments are imported. All production equipments are imported such as Citizen,Tsugami, Star., etc.

    Electric Tools Hardware

    Dongguan Maozhong Precision Hardware Co.,ltd, the branch of New Top Industry (H.K)Limited, was established in September 2014. Company is located in the famous Manufacturing cities -Dongguan, mainly produce various high precision hardware spare parts by CNC Lathe Machining . All production & testing equipments are imported. All production equipments are imported such as Citizen,Tsugami, Star., etc.

    Furniture Hardware

    Dongguan Maozhong Precision Hardware Co.,ltd, the branch of New Top Industry (H.K)Limited, was established in September 2014. Company is located in the famous Manufacturing cities -Dongguan, mainly produce various high precision hardware spare parts by CNC Lathe Machining . All production & testing equipments are imported. All production equipments are imported such as Citizen,Tsugami, Star., etc.

    Lighting Hardware

    Dongguan Maozhong Precision Hardware Co.,ltd, the branch of New Top Industry (H.K)Limited, was established in September 2014. Company is located in the famous Manufacturing cities -Dongguan, mainly produce various high precision hardware spare parts by CNC Lathe Machining . All production & testing equipments are imported. All production equipments are imported such as Citizen,Tsugami, Star., etc.

    Screws Hardware

    Dongguan Maozhong Precision Hardware Co.,ltd, the branch of New Top Industry (H.K)Limited, was established in September 2014. Company is located in the famous Manufacturing cities -Dongguan, mainly produce various high precision hardware spare parts by CNC Lathe Machining . All production & testing equipments are imported. All production equipments are imported such as Citizen,Tsugami, Star., etc.

    E-Cigarette Parts

    Dongguan Maozhong Precision Hardware Co.,ltd, the branch of New Top Industry (H.K)Limited, was established in September 2014. Company is located in the famous Manufacturing cities -Dongguan, mainly produce various high precision hardware spare parts by CNC Lathe Machining . All production & testing equipments are imported. All production equipments are imported such as Citizen,Tsugami, Star., etc.

    Metal Fasteners

    Dongguan Maozhong Precision Hardware Co.,ltd, the branch of New Top Industry (H.K)Limited, was established in September 2014. Company is located in the famous Manufacturing cities -Dongguan, mainly produce various high precision hardware spare parts by CNC Lathe Machining . All production & testing equipments are imported. All production equipments are imported such as Citizen,Tsugami, Star., etc.


    2021 -02

    Latest booth information Exhibition name: Shenzhen Electronics Intelligent Manufacturing Exhibition Exhibition time: March 30 to April 2, 2021 Venue: Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition


    2020 -12

    Industry experts say that behind the construction of giant, there is a small fastener indispensable role, although only a small player, but has a vital impact. Because of the importance of its connection, consumers in the purchase of a more favor to the brand.


    2020 -12

    While Internet companies such as Letv Automobile, Baidu and Google have been testing the waters of autonomous driving technology and speeding up their layout in the field of intelligent cars, auto parts giants including Bosch, Continental and Delphi have also begun to expand in this field.


    2020 -10

    Our company will participate in the Las Vegas Garden Hardware Show from May 7-9, 2019, booth No. 8649, as our valued customer, we sincerely invite you to visit us! Location: Las Vegas Convention Center.

    Contact Us

    Tel: +86-769-82986551 / 82986552 / 82986553
    Fax: +86-769-82986553
    E-mail: annieyuan@gdmaozhong.com
    Web: www.freeyourbooks.com
    Add.: Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, Hengli Sanjiang Industrial Zone 119

    Maozhong Precision Hardware

    Follow us

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